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The first deputy of the
Prosecutor General of the  
Republic of Kazakhstan -
Chairman of Social
Council concerning
Legality providing
______________ I.Merkel
«» January, 2012

P L A N Of work of Social Council concerning legality providing For 2012 year


1.About results of checking of application of the legislation on the state control and supervision at formation of plans of checking of subjects of private business for 2012 in activity of the Ministries of Emergency Measures, public health service, the finance, agriculture, the industry and new technologies, preservation of the environment and their territorial bodies.

(The 1st Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office)

2. About elaboration of the new Criminally-remedial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

(The 1st Direction, 2, 3, 6 and 10 Departments of the General Prosecutor’s Office)


1.About preventive maintenance of a narcotics and measures accepted by law enforcement bodies on narco - criminality counteraction.

(2, 3, 10 and 1 Departments of the General Prosecutor’s Office)

The Head of the Device

The General Prosecutor’s